24. Propositions Concerning Digital Minds and Society (2022)

By Nick Bostrom and Carl Shulman

Draft version 1.10.

AIs with moral status and political rights? We'll need a modus vivendi, and it’s becoming urgent to figure out the parameters for that. This paper makes a load of specific claims that begin to stake out a position.

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:36) Disclaimer

(01:07) Consciousness and metaphysics

(06:48) Respecting AI interests

(21:41) Security and stability

(32:04) AI-empowered social organization

(38:07) Satisfying multiple values

(42:23) Mental malleability, persuasion, and lock-in

(47:20) Epistemology

(53:36) Status of existing AI systems

(59:52) Recommendations regarding current practises and AI systems

(01:07:08) Impact paths and modes of advocacy

(01:11:11) Closing credits

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