8. Information Hazards: A Typology of Potential Harms from Knowledge (2011)

By Nick Bostrom

Information hazards are risks that arise from the dissemination or the potential dissemination of true information that may cause harm or enable some agent to cause harm. Such hazards are often subtler than direct physical threats, and, as a consequence, are easily overlooked. They can, however, be important. This paper surveys the terrain and proposes a taxonomy.

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(00:18) Abstract

(00:51) Introduction

(05:30) Six information transfer modes

(14:42) Table 1. Typology of Information Hazards

(16:57) Adversarial risks

(30:54) Risks to social organization and markets

(48:50) Risks of irrationality and error

(01:05:27) Risks to valuable states and activities

(01:17:33) Risks from information systems

(01:26:51) Risks from development

(01:38:20) Discussion

(01:47:50) Acknowledgements

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